So Much To Say, Such Little Time

I love this blog, and don’t like it when I am away from it for too many days, but right now seems to be a time for “away.” I was away at BlogHer’11 this weekend—about which I want to say so much, and will, eventually. In the meantime, here’s what I was thinking at BlogHer last year. So much and so little has changed!

My son is “away” with his father, visiting the lovely, perfect Grandma. (For more about her, read here.) I am missing him terribly, as I went to BlogHer just before he left for Illinois, and so I’m counting down till Sunday when he comes home.

And next week, my son, boyfriend and I will “away” for our much-longed-for vacation in the Adirondacks. Three days of camping at Lake Lila, and then a week in a house on Blue Mountain Lake, my very favorite spot in all of the millions of acres of the Adirondack Park.

So I will be back, with much to report (for example, I got a job, working with BlogHer, to launch BlogHerMOMS on August 22), in the meantime, I’m working furiously away on many deadlines so I can head off for my vacation with my family with an empty head and a full heart.

Here’s where I’m headed, just for a bit of inspiration for you (or maybe it’s mostly for me!).

Derek atop St. Regis Mountain, overlooking the Saranac Lakes chain. August 2010.

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I am a writer, author, mother, former magazine editor (last at Redbook), optimist, and, above all, a searcher. I'm still searching for whom I'm really meant to be, after a series of very jarring losses. Since then I've been trying to figure out what's next. Or, in other words, how to fill in the blanks.
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7 Responses to So Much To Say, Such Little Time

  1. Lindsey says:

    Beautiful. I love empty head and full heart … I wish you both, and 10 days of happiness, laughter, and rest. xox

  2. So happy to see you again in San Diego last week.

    Have a fabulous time. It looks so peaceful and beautiful.

  3. Libby says:

    So thrilled to hear about your job. That certainly fills in one of the blanks!!!

  4. Looks beautiful, sounds lovely – and enjoy!

  5. mb says:

    i’m new to your space here but had to chime in- the adirondacks were such a part of my childhood, and upper saranac lake in particular. i used to love the drive up there, and counting the lakes along the way, blue mountain meant we were ALMOST there. 😉 enjoy your time.

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