Gathering Up The Beauty of the World

New snow in Garrison, New York.

That’s what I’m doing up here. And after a long, hard year, I’ll take it. The indifference of the seasons, and of the mountains, will always be the things that set me free from the confines of my tiny little mind and its forever game of “why?”

There is no why. There is only do.

(And a high five or fist bump to all of you who catch that reference. Heh.)

About stacy

I am a writer, author, mother, former magazine editor (last at Redbook), optimist, and, above all, a searcher. I'm still searching for whom I'm really meant to be, after a series of very jarring losses. Since then I've been trying to figure out what's next. Or, in other words, how to fill in the blanks.
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4 Responses to Gathering Up The Beauty of the World

  1. Lindsey says:

    “When everything in your life is uncertain, there’s nothing quite like the clarity and precision of fresh snow and blue sky.” – Pam Houston

  2. Oh Yoda you, are so wise. Enjoy the peace and beauty. Sending big hugs and many wishes for a better 2013 for you, my friend. xoxoxo

  3. Rita Arens says:

    I was going to guess Mr. Miyagi.

  4. Gorgeous picture. Wise words.

    Sending warm wishes for a healing and inspired 2013.

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