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A Flash of Light in the Forest

It’s been six, seven months since I wrote here. And those many months ago, I wrote about The Unmade Me, this peculiar sense I have of being lost in my own life. I would say I’m still pretty deep in the … Continue reading

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The Unmade Me

Sigh. Coming here makes me feel sad. I used to write. I used to get paid to write (crazy, I know). I used to get paid to write and have ideas and share those ideas and then work with wonderfully … Continue reading

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This Is My Church

I just realized today something that should have been obvious to me years ago: this blog is my church. I come here when I am wounded and wondering, when I feel the ache of being human in a way I … Continue reading

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Layers of Endings

In my life, very few shifting events—those decisive moments when life goes from This to That—unfold in a solo way, happening all by itself. I seem to get disruptions in big, broad swaths, multiple aspects of my dailyness undone at once. Here … Continue reading

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Looking Over My Shoulder

I undertook a big renovation in my house this year, adding a new bathroom and a walk-in closet to the big open room I decided to turn into a master bedroom when I bought the house. This meant stealing five … Continue reading

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The Give and Take

  So four or so days ago, I dared to write about What I Did Right in the years of getting my son and me to the safe, good place we are now. And I paused for an ordinary moment of … Continue reading

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What’s Left Behind

So I’m settling into this amazing new life I made for myself. And, truly, I do wake up every day and come home from work in the evenings on the days I go into the city and think, “Oh my … Continue reading

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Photo At My Desk

Sometimes I write things for other places. Especially when it’s for a friend, like my friend Margit who just launched a great site filled with great voices. Go read her piece Dinosaur, Jr. If you are a woman, who, like … Continue reading

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A Love Letter to Camille

Of course, when you move to a new place, you leave things behind. But what’s been so surprising for me, is how little I miss from the Park Slope life. Clearly I was well past the expiration date of my … Continue reading

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Good Words from a Good Friend

Today, the lovely and beautiful Alexandra posted this on her blog Good Day, Regular People and I had to steal it (ahem, repurpose it)  because I feel these are the words I need to say to myself — maybe even … Continue reading

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