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And More and More and Then Still More

Last week I referred to a landslide, a great forcing up of new perspective, but I wrote about only a piece of it. It’s too much to look at at once, a view too big for the eyes and mind … Continue reading

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What It Is I Am Working On

  I wish I wrote on this blog more. I wish it were one, long continuous conversation instead of me sending postcards to the winds when I feel panicked or sad. I suppose I should be comforted, then, that I’m … Continue reading

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Enter Spring

Today I went to the second half of my seed-sowing class, where I learned all about “pricking out” seedlings and replanting them in a larger pot, where they will get stronger and larger until the final threat of frost is … Continue reading

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Getting To Clear

Imagine brushing hair from your eyes. Or going through a dense jungle, and pushing aside vines and hanging moss. Or swimming through the thick and salty ocean, reaching your hands forward to clear a way through a bank of seaweed. … Continue reading

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In the Deep

I had really engrossing and deep conversations with each of my brothers in the last two days. I don’t speak with them often, though I feel indeed very close to them. We have a deep trust and understanding and love … Continue reading

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I start this new year with a terrible cold and a sense of dis-ease. I had plans for these two free days — days in which my son would be at school and I would be home. Plans to make … Continue reading

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I Choose Devotion

This is the last day of the year 2012. A year I am happy to usher to its end, because in my heart I truly believe as this year comes to a close, so, too will I be closing the … Continue reading

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I Heard It

“I love who I am.” I don’t know what prompted the thought, but I heard it, clear as day. And I meant it. Like, deep-down meant it. I will not lessen the power of those words by analyzing them or … Continue reading

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