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A Flash of Light in the Forest

It’s been six, seven months since I wrote here. And those many months ago, I wrote about The Unmade Me, this peculiar sense I have of being lost in my own life. I would say I’m still pretty deep in the … Continue reading

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It Hurts

  [Ed note: TL;DR, but I just had to articulate for myself what I’ve been feeling.] As someone on a Buddhist path, I am friends with suffering. By being able to reorient myself to know—to truly, deeply know—that every life … Continue reading

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Yes, This

A friend and reader of this blog—Ronna Detrick, a woman whose work is deepening women’s connections to their inner spiritual compass (yes, please!)—sent me this poem yesterday in response to my post. And I love it so much. Because it does say … Continue reading

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When the Tiniest Shift is a Landslide

Oh the tectonic plates of the self, how they move. Months, then years, of the tiniest little shifts, certainly almost imperceptible. And then: whooooosh! A great surging up, the creation of a mountain range, from which an entirely new, yet familiar, … Continue reading

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My Son’s Beautiful Mind

So my son is dancing and singing around the house because he just got home from his last day of school, bringing home straight As for the second marking period in a row. What an incredible road it has been … Continue reading

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Heavy Meta

Let me just recite the quote from the photo above, here in the body of the post: My wound existed before me. I was born to embody it.” —Joë Bousquet I am not sure I have ever come across words before … Continue reading

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Help Me Help Myself and Maybe Help You, Too

Hi there! I am once again in a mental position where I am trying to renovate my physical habits (and some mental ones, too), with the ever-necessary goal of getting to a good place of self care. Writing this book … Continue reading

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Stuck In The Middle

So at last I am making real progress on the book. But it’s been an interesting struggle, and not one for the faint of heart. When I wrote Falling Apart In One Piece, I was constantly asked “Was it cathartic … Continue reading

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The Changes: A New Starting Over

I’ve been swallowed up. I am in the beast and the beast is me. Change is all around me, once again and as always. But this time it all feels different. I am not digging out, not anymore. I am … Continue reading

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I am overwhelmed, just digging through a large volume of stuff to do as well as reacting to new possibilities coming at me. I forget that this can be stressful. I forget that I can get stressed. I still catch myself in that old, familiar … Continue reading

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