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I Am Full, So Full

I am in transition again, my dear friends and sisters (and brothers, too; I know you’re out there). I have so many things I want to share and say, this burgeoning clarity and peace with who I am and what … Continue reading

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5 Random Facts About Me

I’ve been tagged in an internet meme-ME thing, by the magical Susan Goldberg, aka Mama Non Grata, and so I am to tell you Five Random Facts About Me. If you know me at all, you know one of my … Continue reading

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Looking Over My Shoulder

I undertook a big renovation in my house this year, adding a new bathroom and a walk-in closet to the big open room I decided to turn into a master bedroom when I bought the house. This meant stealing five … Continue reading

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A Rare Talent

I’m posting a stub of my review of the lovely and amazing Anna Whiston-Donaldson’s book here, because I want you all to know why her book is so special. Writer, blogger and mother Anna Whiston-Donaldson—whom I first knew as … Continue reading

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The World, It Is Big, But So Small

I forgot to take a photo. I’m kicking myself. I had an actual Maasai elder in my home, staying here, sharing his wisdom and worldview, and I forgot to take a photograph of him in his resplendent native dress, the … Continue reading

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India: The First Post Is the Hardest

Finally. I finally gave birth to my overview post of what we saw on our trip to India, we being the eight social media influencers Coca-Cola invited to come see the community work they are doing to support sustainability and … Continue reading

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What I Will Remember, Part I

This photo for me — of a beautiful mandala, made of flowers, which was laid out for us at one of our hotels — captures an essence of India that I will never forget: The incredible welcoming spirit of this country. … Continue reading

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And So An Adventure Begins…

[Updated with links on Sept 8, 1pm India time.] I am sitting in an, ahem, business-class lounge at JFK, waiting for my flight to India. India is on my agenda because India is on The Coca-Cola Company’s agenda, and their … Continue reading

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I Just Can’t

I just can’t make sense of what is happening in Ferguson, Missouri. I have spent hours being angry, sad, heartbroken, pissed, despairing, raging, digging for answers, looking for pathways where I can place all this frenetic energy, calling churches, trying … Continue reading

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Proud and Happy

Hey, y’all! I’ve been Five-Starred!!! I can’t explain how super thrilling it was to see my blog post on the oh-so-awesome Five-Star-Used-to-be-Friday site (which is run by the also-so-awesome-and-lovely Schmutzie). Go and look at it! It’s so pretty! And I’m … Continue reading

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