I’ll Be Your Personal Strategist

Hi there!

I don’t love the word “coach.” Something in it makes me cringe—because I will do much, much more than root for you from the sidelines come gametime—so let me introduce myself here instead as a personal strategist. 

I love strategy, and I think the term applies to so much we do in life, and says so much about who we become.

A clearly defined strategy makes the foggy more clear. A strong strategy shows the way. A thought-out strategy serves as a way to make big, huge challenges a series of small steps to be accomplished, downsizing the seemingly impossible into baby steps. (This entire blog is about those baby steps—about filling in those blanks—as I moved my family from NYC to Garrison, and started reinventing my career and my life.)

But before strategy there is the What? and the Why?

What is it you want?

And why?

Answering those two questions first, in an exquisitely honest way, is very hard to do by yourself. Because we like to tell ourself stories about our motives, desires and struggles. But if you really understand the Why that is driving the What, you are much more likely to achieve the goal you settle on.

Let me help you with that.

Email me at slm1711@gmail.com for more information. I look forward to helping you clarify your path forward, whether for a job change or surviving a challenging life transition. The answers are out there. Inside you.

With love,