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This Is My Church

I just realized today something that should have been obvious to me years ago: this blog is my church. I come here when I am wounded and wondering, when I feel the ache of being human in a way I … Continue reading

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Good Stuff, Good News, It’s All Good

I’ve been overusing the word “good” lately, but I have to say, it’s a hell of a lot better than overusing the word “miserable.” I had a weekend of two wonderful things: I took Zack to see the house I’ve … Continue reading

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This week, my psychiatrist called the pain I am going through “eviscerating.” I felt relieved when he said that. I felt seen. I felt like it was allowed, my pain, and that he had seen it to be the ugly … Continue reading

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Life’s Perfect Strangeness

  So I’m preparing today for the arrival of my recently-exed boyfriend, so he can get all of his belongings out of my home. They are interwoven into my things so completely; everywhere I turn I find something else. It’s … Continue reading

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The Ugly Cry

I came unplugged today, on the drive from my apartment in Brooklyn to my weekend rental upstate (aka my little slice of heaven). It had taken me an hour to pack up my car before I hit the road (I … Continue reading

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That Feeling In The Pit of My Stomach

So I guess I have good Spidey senses. I’ll take that as my sole comfort. Today, as my boyfriend emeritus (as I’d taken to calling him, since he still held an esteemed position even though he was no longer living … Continue reading

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