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Whither Wisdom

I am mulling. I guess this is seasonally appropriate, since fall is (maybe? finally? at last?) upon us. I’ve had so much input, and so many experiences, and made a handful of decisions (after months of making none). I started … Continue reading

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A Motto to Live By

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m someone who believes in the power of mantras, words to focus on to redirect one’s thoughts. In fact, all the chapter headings in my book are the actual words I repeated to myself … Continue reading

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Day 2, After the Dawning

So it turns out that that little photo I ran on my last post—of the moon rising in my gloom—was pretty apt. Writing that little piece of honesty about my depression and my struggles did something important: it allowed me … Continue reading

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What Doesn’t Fill In the b l a n k s

So a brave internet friend (I’ll call her Alice) has been dealing with a hideous and heartbreaking mess, the place where medicine stops helping the depressive mind. I’m so sorry she’s going through hell (symptoms, side effects, seriously unpleasant stuff). … Continue reading

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