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It Hurts

  [Ed note: TL;DR, but I just had to articulate for myself what I’ve been feeling.] As someone on a Buddhist path, I am friends with suffering. By being able to reorient myself to know—to truly, deeply know—that every life … Continue reading

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That Feeling In The Pit of My Stomach

So I guess I have good Spidey senses. I’ll take that as my sole comfort. Today, as my boyfriend emeritus (as I’d taken to calling him, since he still held an esteemed position even though he was no longer living … Continue reading

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Whither Wisdom

I am mulling. I guess this is seasonally appropriate, since fall is (maybe? finally? at last?) upon us. I’ve had so much input, and so many experiences, and made a handful of decisions (after months of making none). I started … Continue reading

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What Doesn’t Fill In the b l a n k s

So a brave internet friend (I’ll call her Alice) has been dealing with a hideous and heartbreaking mess, the place where medicine stops helping the depressive mind. I’m so sorry she’s going through hell (symptoms, side effects, seriously unpleasant stuff). … Continue reading

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