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A Question of Vision

My vision has really deteriorated dramatically in the last year or so. I am almost never without my glasses, which used to be a casual accessory when I was driving or reading a magazine. But these days, when I first … Continue reading

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Copycat Friday

Oh, how I’ve been meaning to post. I have so many topics to discuss: vision, violence, the power of story to shape our lives, mighty friends and lessons and moremoremore. But I’m working a bit around the clock, and after … Continue reading

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Whither Wisdom

I am mulling. I guess this is seasonally appropriate, since fall is (maybe? finally? at last?) upon us. I’ve had so much input, and so many experiences, and made a handful of decisions (after months of making none). I started … Continue reading

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Finding My Liberty

Last week was one for the record books. After months of seemingly stagnant nowhereness, I suddenly felt motion in several directions at once. Of course, not all in the same direction. That would be too easy, and that’s not how … Continue reading

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What the Stars Know

  My horoscope today, from the excellent Eric Francis/PlanetWaves: You may be experiencing some unusual anxiety these days; you don’t need it, and you can start your list with that. One thing to be aware of is that you may … Continue reading

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