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My Son’s Beautiful Mind

So my son is dancing and singing around the house because he just got home from his last day of school, bringing home straight As for the second marking period in a row. What an incredible road it has been … Continue reading

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What I Did Right

Today my son left his lunch on the kitchen counter, sad little sandwich and peanut butter crackers sitting there, waiting to be remembered. I grabbed a paper bag, wrote his name and his teacher’s name on it in black metallic … Continue reading

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{Ruminature} The Brilliance of the World

A magical day. Today was a magical day. I took my hearty cough and cold out for a walk with the dog. Plans made for a shortish long walk, then bumped into a neighbor I haven’t yet met, talked about … Continue reading

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Bliss Explosion

I love fall so much. I live for fall. Autumn is my season, through and through. I love the smell of the gentle rot. I thrill to the chill that creeps up my neck. Wearing scarves brings me daily joy. … Continue reading

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My Fabulous Table, Part I

First of all, I want to kiss all of you smack on the mouth who said you wanted to hear more about and see the table. YOU ARE MY PEOPLE! Second, hello? I am decorating my new house from top … Continue reading

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Beautiful Morning Rain

Today: this. Woke up to the gorgeous sound of hearing rain hammer down on my roof. The house is L-shaped, so the sound kind of wanders. Lying in bed, I could follow it through the TV room, hear it louder … Continue reading

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A Brief Note

…in which to say, I am in love. With the sound of bugs thick around me. With being able to walk in my yard in the morning. With Zack’s sweet face staring up at me from the swimming pool. I … Continue reading

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Eight Days Till Takeoff

The crazy days are upon us. House partially packed (but not nearly enough). A big red X on the calendar for when Zack and I will relocate to our rental in Garrison, leaving our furniture and most of our belongings … Continue reading

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