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And More and More and Then Still More

Last week I referred to a landslide, a great forcing up of new perspective, but I wrote about only a piece of it. It’s too much to look at at once, a view too big for the eyes and mind … Continue reading

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Looking Over My Shoulder

I undertook a big renovation in my house this year, adding a new bathroom and a walk-in closet to the big open room I decided to turn into a master bedroom when I bought the house. This meant stealing five … Continue reading

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What It Is I Am Working On

  I wish I wrote on this blog more. I wish it were one, long continuous conversation instead of me sending postcards to the winds when I feel panicked or sad. I suppose I should be comforted, then, that I’m … Continue reading

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Eight Days Till Takeoff

The crazy days are upon us. House partially packed (but not nearly enough). A big red X on the calendar for when Zack and I will relocate to our rental in Garrison, leaving our furniture and most of our belongings … Continue reading

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Where Is My Family?

I just spent the weekend being a tourist, wandering a very hot (but not at all humid) New York City with five of my favorite people: my son, my sister-in-law (well, ex-sister in law if you want to be all … Continue reading

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Grief and Love During the Holidays

I’m so, so happy to say I’ve just arrived in Lake Placid, where I’ll be spending Christmas with my son and my boyfriend. There isn’t as much snow as we’d hoped (no cross-country skiing), but the trees and ground are … Continue reading

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Whither Wisdom

I am mulling. I guess this is seasonally appropriate, since fall is (maybe? finally? at last?) upon us. I’ve had so much input, and so many experiences, and made a handful of decisions (after months of making none). I started … Continue reading

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A Motto to Live By

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m someone who believes in the power of mantras, words to focus on to redirect one’s thoughts. In fact, all the chapter headings in my book are the actual words I repeated to myself … Continue reading

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Statue of Limitations

It’s been a wild and wandering year, jam-packed with days of… something. I mean, I know I was doing *something* most of the last 365 days. But mostly I feel as if I were frozen in time, while the calendar … Continue reading

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When Loss Echoes Loss

This weekend my wallet was stolen, along with a few other personal items, and my beloved Blackberry (and the 22 years of contacts within it), from the front stoop of my apartment building. It was among a pile of winter … Continue reading

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