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Layers of Endings

In my life, very few shifting events—those decisive moments when life goes from This to That—unfold in a solo way, happening all by itself. I seem to get disruptions in big, broad swaths, multiple aspects of my dailyness undone at once. Here … Continue reading

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Finding My Liberty

Last week was one for the record books. After months of seemingly stagnant nowhereness, I suddenly felt motion in several directions at once. Of course, not all in the same direction. That would be too easy, and that’s not how … Continue reading

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Getting Grounded In Life: A Tale of Two Shoes

So this weekend I took an interesting—perhaps even bold—step toward whatever it is that might be coming next: I divested myself of a rather large quantity of my former-life fancy-girl clothes and shoes. As I went through my closets and … Continue reading

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