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Layers of Endings

In my life, very few shifting events—those decisive moments when life goes from This to That—unfold in a solo way, happening all by itself. I seem to get disruptions in big, broad swaths, multiple aspects of my dailyness undone at once. Here … Continue reading

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The In Betweens

So I finished my first draft of a book outline — and not surprisingly, it’s not quite good yet. No, truly. That’s my agent talking, not just me. And it’s been enough weeks since I finished it, that I can … Continue reading

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What Is Within My Silence?

I have always lived in chaos. It’s what I was born to, first of all: a dramatic and dynamic mother, a total whirlwind of personality, charm and presence whose mind was a turbulent sea, able to pull her underwater at … Continue reading

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It’s Just Me

Aaaaaah, my blog. My little home space. My big white box that connects me to about three dozen people who know me so well. The intimate audience of people whose questions about life are similar to mine. Hello. I am … Continue reading

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Such Sweetness, This Life

Oh, how things are crazy right now. I’m in the deepest hell of the launch, when everything is upside-down and nothing is moving fast enough and we don’t have systems and processes and I haven’t hired all my hires and … Continue reading

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I Want to Revolt

I don’t know how life got like this. Is this the life our parents lived? Working so hard and with such force that you are literally empty every day when you get home, barely able to see through making a … Continue reading

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The Force Is With Me

I am in an airport. It is late and the stores are closed. I am tired, so tired. And I have two hours to go before my red-eye takes off. I have a bit of a sore throat, and am … Continue reading

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I Am Up In The Air, But You, At Least, Are Here

It’s a crazy-busy six weeks here, with business trips to CA, VA, TX, CA again, VA again and then a necessary and much-anticipated visit to my son’s only living grandparent, the lovely Grandma Barb. So most days I’m a little … Continue reading

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Join Me In A ReTreat! (Capitalization Intentional)

I’m always looking for a way to have a little time to myself. And one of the truly bizarre truths of being a working mom is that business trips = time to myself. I’ve been at the BlogHer offices in … Continue reading

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So Much To Say, Such Little Time

I love this blog, and don’t like it when I am away from it for too many days, but right now seems to be a time for “away.” I was away at BlogHer’11 this weekend—about which I want to say … Continue reading

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