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New Year, Not-New Me

As a magazine editor, every year I faced down the challenge of how to repackage the irresistible “New Year, New You” beast, trying to take a somewhat facile notion and turn it into something meaningful, true, with depth. Because none … Continue reading

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What I Did Right

Today my son left his lunch on the kitchen counter, sad little sandwich and peanut butter crackers sitting there, waiting to be remembered. I grabbed a paper bag, wrote his name and his teacher’s name on it in black metallic … Continue reading

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Bliss Explosion

I love fall so much. I live for fall. Autumn is my season, through and through. I love the smell of the gentle rot. I thrill to the chill that creeps up my neck. Wearing scarves brings me daily joy. … Continue reading

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I Want to Revolt

I don’t know how life got like this. Is this the life our parents lived? Working so hard and with such force that you are literally empty every day when you get home, barely able to see through making a … Continue reading

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Join Me In A ReTreat! (Capitalization Intentional)

I’m always looking for a way to have a little time to myself. And one of the truly bizarre truths of being a working mom is that business trips = time to myself. I’ve been at the BlogHer offices in … Continue reading

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In California, the Vague Becomes Clear

I am being coddled at the moment, as I am currently in Sonoma Valley (at the Mighty Summit), enjoying wine and the company of 28 other amazing, interesting, funny women. And as I’ve met each one and been asked the … Continue reading

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So July 4 was yesterday. You probably knew that, what with the hot dogs and fireworks and all that. And you’re especially lucky if you live in a small town that still does the small-town parade thing. I am from … Continue reading

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Deep Thoughts vs Vacation

I’ve spent some hours in my life wondering how I ended up such a “big thinker.” A dear friend once said me, when I was on the verge of panic about the idea of becoming a mother and a steward … Continue reading

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When Loss Echoes Loss

This weekend my wallet was stolen, along with a few other personal items, and my beloved Blackberry (and the 22 years of contacts within it), from the front stoop of my apartment building. It was among a pile of winter … Continue reading

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Living in the Drift…

There’s a difference between being stuck in life and being in a drifting phase, not knowing necessarily what you’re doing next. (And sometimes even what you’re doing today.) This is where I am: in the drift. And I can’t say … Continue reading

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