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And More and More and Then Still More

Last week I referred to a landslide, a great forcing up of new perspective, but I wrote about only a piece of it. It’s too much to look at at once, a view too big for the eyes and mind … Continue reading

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When We See the Invisible

I’m busy busy busy with a new consulting job, that I like very much. Smart people. Great products. And an excellent social impact, as well, we hope. (More on that anon, I promise. We launch soon.) So flitting about my … Continue reading

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Layers of Endings

In my life, very few shifting events—those decisive moments when life goes from This to That—unfold in a solo way, happening all by itself. I seem to get disruptions in big, broad swaths, multiple aspects of my dailyness undone at once. Here … Continue reading

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New Year, Not-New Me

As a magazine editor, every year I faced down the challenge of how to repackage the irresistible “New Year, New You” beast, trying to take a somewhat facile notion and turn it into something meaningful, true, with depth. Because none … Continue reading

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Enter Spring

Today I went to the second half of my seed-sowing class, where I learned all about “pricking out” seedlings and replanting them in a larger pot, where they will get stronger and larger until the final threat of frost is … Continue reading

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I Miss Her So Much

Part of surviving my mother meant withdrawing from her, so her painful comments had to fly farther to reach me. Starting the work of writing the book this weekend (unfortunately, what I am doing could not yet be called ‘writing’) … Continue reading

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Just Because

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Good Stuff, Good News, It’s All Good

I’ve been overusing the word “good” lately, but I have to say, it’s a hell of a lot better than overusing the word “miserable.” I had a weekend of two wonderful things: I took Zack to see the house I’ve … Continue reading

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I Heard It

“I love who I am.” I don’t know what prompted the thought, but I heard it, clear as day. And I meant it. Like, deep-down meant it. I will not lessen the power of those words by analyzing them or … Continue reading

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Life’s Perfect Strangeness

  So I’m preparing today for the arrival of my recently-exed boyfriend, so he can get all of his belongings out of my home. They are interwoven into my things so completely; everywhere I turn I find something else. It’s … Continue reading

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