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What It Is I Am Working On

  I wish I wrote on this blog more. I wish it were one, long continuous conversation instead of me sending postcards to the winds when I feel panicked or sad. I suppose I should be comforted, then, that I’m … Continue reading

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A Visitation

As I wrote yesterday, I am deep in an unfolding. I have been for months, since I moved to Garrison. Which is partly why I’ve been so quiet on this blog, probably. The work I am doing is very deep, … Continue reading

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I’m Pregnant

It’s official—I’m pregnant. With my next book. Huzzah! I’ve had the concept in my head clear as day for more than two years. I first came up with it, and saw it almost completely whole, in a conversation with my … Continue reading

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Photo At My Desk

Sometimes I write things for other places. Especially when it’s for a friend, like my friend Margit who just launched a great site filled with great voices. Go read her piece Dinosaur, Jr. If you are a woman, who, like … Continue reading

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Where Is My Family?

I just spent the weekend being a tourist, wandering a very hot (but not at all humid) New York City with five of my favorite people: my son, my sister-in-law (well, ex-sister in law if you want to be all … Continue reading

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Grief and Love During the Holidays

I’m so, so happy to say I’ve just arrived in Lake Placid, where I’ll be spending Christmas with my son and my boyfriend. There isn’t as much snow as we’d hoped (no cross-country skiing), but the trees and ground are … Continue reading

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So July 4 was yesterday. You probably knew that, what with the hot dogs and fireworks and all that. And you’re especially lucky if you live in a small town that still does the small-town parade thing. I am from … Continue reading

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A Parent I Pay

Dear readers, thank you for all your thoughtful  and kind suggestions for What I Should Do With My Life. I think it was a fantastic exercise to write down (type down?) the many different visions that have been in and … Continue reading

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Statue of Limitations

It’s been a wild and wandering year, jam-packed with days of… something. I mean, I know I was doing *something* most of the last 365 days. But mostly I feel as if I were frozen in time, while the calendar … Continue reading

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What I’ve Lost

We all lose our parents, eventually. But I’ve discovered that the very ordinariness of it flies in the face of the actual experience. And describing that loss is almost as challenging as describing what happens to you in the first … Continue reading

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