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What Makes A Good Life?

I stumbled across an unbelievable combination of informations today on the internets (Thank you, Twitter!), and my mind is still reeling. First, there was the new truth of how American demographics are changing, ousting the married-with-kids as the central building … Continue reading

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A Parent I Pay

Dear readers, thank you for all your thoughtful  and kind suggestions for What I Should Do With My Life. I think it was a fantastic exercise to write down (type down?) the many different visions that have been in and … Continue reading

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Statue of Limitations

It’s been a wild and wandering year, jam-packed with days of… something. I mean, I know I was doing *something* most of the last 365 days. But mostly I feel as if I were frozen in time, while the calendar … Continue reading

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Getting Grounded In Life: A Tale of Two Shoes

So this weekend I took an interesting—perhaps even bold—step toward whatever it is that might be coming next: I divested myself of a rather large quantity of my former-life fancy-girl clothes and shoes. As I went through my closets and … Continue reading

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When Loss Echoes Loss

This weekend my wallet was stolen, along with a few other personal items, and my beloved Blackberry (and the 22 years of contacts within it), from the front stoop of my apartment building. It was among a pile of winter … Continue reading

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Living in the Drift…

There’s a difference between being stuck in life and being in a drifting phase, not knowing necessarily what you’re doing next. (And sometimes even what you’re doing today.) This is where I am: in the drift. And I can’t say … Continue reading

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