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And More and More and Then Still More

Last week I referred to a landslide, a great forcing up of new perspective, but I wrote about only a piece of it. It’s too much to look at at once, a view too big for the eyes and mind … Continue reading

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When We See the Invisible

I’m busy busy busy with a new consulting job, that I like very much. Smart people. Great products. And an excellent social impact, as well, we hope. (More on that anon, I promise. We launch soon.) So flitting about my … Continue reading

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Such Sweetness, This Life

Oh, how things are crazy right now. I’m in the deepest hell of the launch, when everything is upside-down and nothing is moving fast enough and we don’t have systems and processes and I haven’t hired all my hires and … Continue reading

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New Year, Not-New Me

As a magazine editor, every year I faced down the challenge of how to repackage the irresistible “New Year, New You” beast, trying to take a somewhat facile notion and turn it into something meaningful, true, with depth. Because none … Continue reading

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The Give and Take

  So four or so days ago, I dared to write about What I Did Right in the years of getting my son and me to the safe, good place we are now. And I paused for an ordinary moment of … Continue reading

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Proud of Myself

Do you know the last time you felt proud of yourself? Isn’t that an interesting question? What did you hear inside when you read that? Did it feel like an appropriate question? Did you flinch a little, think it’s an … Continue reading

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Ruminature: Wisdom Shared, And To Share

  On a dear friend’s blog (a friend from my days of innocence and too much beer and too little sleep), I found this, and I love it: “So pray not for easy lives. Pray to be stronger men. Do … Continue reading

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Dancing With The Dark

As part of my new gig with BlogHer.com/ BlogHerMoms.com, I spend a lot of time on the internet reading posts and seeking out funny, wise, insightful, raucous, anything-memorable posts about the journey of motherhood. Yes, it’s a fantastically engaging job, … Continue reading

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Whither Wisdom

I am mulling. I guess this is seasonally appropriate, since fall is (maybe? finally? at last?) upon us. I’ve had so much input, and so many experiences, and made a handful of decisions (after months of making none). I started … Continue reading

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A Motto to Live By

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m someone who believes in the power of mantras, words to focus on to redirect one’s thoughts. In fact, all the chapter headings in my book are the actual words I repeated to myself … Continue reading

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