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Stuck In The Middle

So at last I am making real progress on the book. But it’s been an interesting struggle, and not one for the faint of heart. When I wrote Falling Apart In One Piece, I was constantly asked “Was it cathartic … Continue reading

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Healed, I Yearn for Her

My mother is dead. She has been gone for five and half years, not that I’m counting. Well, okay, sometimes I count. But grief is forever new. When it shows up, it’s as fresh and fertile as a garden in … Continue reading

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It’s Just Me

Aaaaaah, my blog. My little home space. My big white box that connects me to about three dozen people who know me so well. The intimate audience of people whose questions about life are similar to mine. Hello. I am … Continue reading

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I Miss Her So Much

Part of surviving my mother meant withdrawing from her, so her painful comments had to fly farther to reach me. Starting the work of writing the book this weekend (unfortunately, what I am doing could not yet be called ‘writing’) … Continue reading

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A Quick Meditation On My Silence

I got an amazing comment this week: Someone came by my blog to see if I had written a new post. That simple sentence contains three gems: (1) Someone reads my blog (which I did kind of know, but still…), … Continue reading

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