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  • Free Advice!
    I have always considered myself a professional advice giver, from having been a magazine editor for so many years. I loved, LOVED, that people would sidle up to me at public events and say, “Hey, I just wanted to know…..” … Continue reading Free Advice!
  • I’ve Moved
    Dear readers…. I have chosen a new home for my writing, which you can find here. And to lure you over, here are a few sentences from my second post there, “The Aftereffects”: I felt RELIEF to have this public, … Continue reading I’ve Moved
  • The Blank Slate
    I don’t know what to write. And that has been the hardest transition of all, the blankest of the many blanks I face in my life every day. I “re-opened” this space for myself weeks and weeks ago. And even … Continue reading The Blank Slate