Here Lie Things That Are Not Answers

Free Advice!

I have always considered myself a professional advice giver, from having been a magazine editor for so many years. I loved, LOVED, that people would sidle up to me at public events and say, “Hey, I just wanted to know…..” And frankly, I was an amateur advice giver before that. Often giving advice even when … Continue reading Free Advice!

I’ve Moved

Dear readers…. I have chosen a new home for my writing, which you can find here. And to lure you over, here are a few sentences from my second post there, “The Aftereffects”: I felt RELIEF to have this public, shared moment of acknowledging where we are — on our knees — but with hope, … Continue reading I’ve Moved

The Blank Slate

I don’t know what to write. And that has been the hardest transition of all, the blankest of the many blanks I face in my life every day. I “re-opened” this space for myself weeks and weeks ago. And even though I have the kindness of people who would like to hear from me (thank … Continue reading The Blank Slate

Here I Am Again, Again

In that funny way life works — a little bit funny ha-ha, a little bit not-funny funny — I re-started this blog again in April, at the height of quarantine quonfusion, because I felt a momentary flare of optimism and hope that maybe I should start writing again, for myself… And then the blog died. … Continue reading Here I Am Again, Again

Hello, It’s Me

So, here I find myself again. Still with the blank pages of life in front of me. And once again ready to write out loud all I do not know. I closed down my blog in a fit of some kind of despair. And now, we are all mired in despair as COVID-19 permanently changes … Continue reading Hello, It’s Me

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